Ron Malhotra

Managing Director and Strategic Wealth Planner

My Story

My parents earned good incomes and were successful throughout their working lives. Unfortunately they now have almost nothing to show for their years of hard work. Truth be told, they are struggling financially.

Not thinking about their future when they were younger - not investing, making the common financial mistakes of under-insuring, lack of planning, being over confident in their financial ability and taking unnecessary risks with their money (without realising it) has resulted in a future that looks uncertain and bleak.

They had very few options but to go back to work and get assistance via a government pension. 

I see this trend being repeated time and time again throughout different age groups in Australia. I know what money can do and what lack of money will do.

Helping people avoid the common mistakes, assisting them with the right strategies and knowledge, and seeing them on the path to financial success, gives me tremendous satisfaction.

That's why this is more than just a career choice to me. It's a mission.

Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It is about having a lot of options.

How I work

I'm not interested in selling financial products, like insurance and investment schemes. I'm interested in providing practical advice that gets you results.

I always start by understanding your situation, your dreams, objectives and values. Only then can I develop strategies to help you get the outcomes you desire. 

I genuinely care about people making the right decisions with their money. I've seen too many people suffer financially due to making the wrong financial decisions. 


Qualifications and Memberships

  • Associate Chartered Financial Practitioner (AChFP)
  • AFP® Designation, Financial Planning Association (AFP)
  • AFA Association of Financial Advisers
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) 
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Self Managed Super Funds certification & Advanced SMSF Strategies certification
  • Margin Lending and Geared Investments certification
  • RG 146, Securities, Derivatives, Core & Life Insurance certification
  • RG 146, Managed Investments certification
  • Certificate IV in Finance Broking


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