$330 incl. GST for a 1.5 - 2 hours initial consultation

$330 is a small investment for 2 hours spent with a money and wealth professional who will ask you the right questions to discover your "blind spots" that are preventing you from becoming financially secure, discuss corrections that you need to make and explain your opportunities to become wealthy. 

If you engage us after this consultation, we will rebate the fee towards the cost of a full financial plan.

The cost of a full financial plan is dependent on your situation, needs, complexity and the value we add.  We have a very transparent fee policy and the value we create is far in excess of what we charge.


Our Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

After your initial consultation, if you are not completely satisfied and clear about the steps that you need to undertake to secure your financial future and you feel that we did not live up to our promises, we'll refund the full $330 that you have paid us.

If you are looking for simple, effective, money and wealth advice, that is in your best interest we are the best choice for you, as we do not have any ties with any developer, bank, or financial institution.  Your best interest is our only priority and our loyalty lies with YOU.