You Don't Need to Be Wealthy to Invest, But You Do Need to Invest to Become Wealthy

Many people don’t invest because they don’t think they have enough.  But the only way to achieve wealth (without winning it or inheriting it) is to invest. 

Whilst it's never too late to start investing and no amount is too small, there's no doubt that the earlier you start, the further ahead you will be on the road to wealth.

Long term investing of small amounts combined with good compound returns will successfully build wealth.

Can't I get wealthy renovating properties or running a business? 

Renovating properties or running a business, are active endeavours and may put you on the "superhighway" to wealth. 

But remember, there are also more crashes on the superhighway!

Investing may be the "slow road" to wealth, but if done correctly, it is an inevitable road to wealth.

I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't do things like property renovation and running businesses. I'm simply pointing out the importance of investing. 

Because if, for any reason, you do happen to crash on the superhighway (which many people do) – you won't end up with nothing to show for all your years of hard work.