To Win the Game of Money, First You Have to Play!

Where are you in the game of money? 

If the game of money was baseball, would you be at:

  • 1st base? (Starting out or starting over.)
  • 2nd base? (On your path to creating assets and with at least $200k.)
  • 3rd base? (You've already built net assets of at least $500k-$1m.)
  • On the home run to victory? (Almost ready for financial independence or retirement.)

Fact: Most people remain in the first base their whole lives. Over 85 per cent of Australians retire with less than $150K.

Many more don't ever leave the grandstands and have a go. 

Are you in the game? If yes, which base are you at? And where you would like to be?

Don't be one of the crowd. Join me on my mission to break this appalling concentration of wealth in such few hands.